• Building structures in an area means making it a home for many people.  

  • Since 2005, with its inherent vision of a civilized society,  Intaya has been creating modern structures that are built to last And we have taken on the important responsibility of developing modern cities with ground breaking concepts combining wisdom,  culture, technology and art.  

  • Since the day it was founded, intaya has put its signature on many large-scale projects and achieved an average annual growth rate of 80%  

  • İntaya is the largest corporate construction company in turkey with nearly 200 architects and engineers on staff and we manage construction sites with a combined surface area reaching 1 million square meters every year.  

  • İntaya’s corporate values ensure timely completion of projects in compliance with global standards and without compromise on business ethics and environmental health.

  • İntaya develops real, substantial value for our country not only with its use of steel and concrete but also with its knowledge, cultural ethos and vision of the future.


Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of intelligent effort..

John Ruskin

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